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Our website, bit-ibio.com, is created from our passion to express our thoughts on dating and romance. My friends and I love to talk about love and romance. Dating is a big part of that. We spend hours and lots of coffee exploring the mystery of dating, love, and romance. We can’t get enough of it.

But we don’t have the luxury of time. So we are now resorting to a better way of sharing our views, thoughts, opinions, and experiences on such exciting topics. And hence, bit-ibio.com is here. You are welcome to join us here on our website. But do keep in mind that we have our Terms and Conditions. The minute you start reading our thoughts here on bit-ibio.com, you agree to our Terms and Conditions,

Our Personal Thoughts And Opinions

We want to make it clear that the opinions and thoughts expressed here are based on our personal experiences. No one here claims to be an expert on romance. If we were we wouldn’t be together (if you get what I mean!)

Mature Content

Obviously, we love to talk about dating, love, and romance. So most of the time, our content is geared towards mature audiences. So if you are below 18 years of age, it’s best you stay away from us first. Don’t worry; we will still be around soon as you turn 18. But for now, you can’t be here.

Best Behavior

We are proud to be part of a website that shares ideas, thoughts, and opinions on such exciting topics as dating, romance, and love. But in sharing such ideas, thoughts, and opinions; we will make sure to express them in a language that’s acceptable to all. You will not find any vulgar language here on bit-ibio.com. Definitely, you won’t find any us expressing any messages of discrimination or hatred directed to any one.

We expect the same from you. If you want to share something with us, please do so in a most appropriate manner. There’s no room for hatred, harassment, or obscenity in our world of dating, love, and romance. Let’s keep it fun at all times.

Feel Free To Contact Us

So feel free to contact us. Feel free to share with us your thoughts, opinions, and experiences on dating, love, and romance. But do keep in mind our Terms and Conditions at all times.

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