Five Reasons Why You Should Really Wait Awhile

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man-woman-dating-relationshipJanet Jackson was right! You should really wait awhile. But sometimes it’s hard to do. You get too caught up in the heat of the moment. And you forget.

You don’t know him well enough.

It’s so easy to just fall into the trap of attraction. He’s cute and you’re thrilled. You’ve been out a couple of times. You just can’t stop thinking about him. There’s this funny feeling your tummy and you’re always smiling. What’s up with that? Geez, you’re in wonderland.

Okay, girl. Now get back to reality. Here’s a quick question for you. Do you know him well enough? Most likely, you don’t. But then you can always get to know him, right? That’s part of the reason why you want to rush it, right? How can you get to know him if you wait awhile?

That’s not the point. You need to make use of technology. It can really help you get to know him more. There are a lot of online services that can useful for this purpose. For example, you can do a background check to learn more about him. The point is, it wouldn’t hurt to do your homework first.

This doesn’t mean you’ll stalk him online. It just means you need to get to know him more. Call it some kind of background check. But, heck! It wouldn’t hurt. Once you’ve gotten some information about him, it’s your call.

You’re not ready yet.

Be honest with yourself. Are you really ready for it? There are a lot of factors that you need to consider. You can’t say you’re ready at the heat of the moment.

The truth is, no one is ever ready for a relationship. If that were the case, things would be smooth sailing, right? So you can’t say you’re ready at the heat of the moment. It takes awhile to find that out.

You’re not thinking.

Face it, girl! No one is ever thinking at the heat of the moment. So when that time comes, stop! You really need to wait awhile. You really need to T-H-I-N-K!

You’re not too sure.

Who can really be sure? No one is ever too sure about anything. All the more you should really wait awhile! You can’t start anything if you’re not sure. It’ll just be a total waste of time. So validate your feelings. But not just for the moment. Look beyond the moment. Only then can you really be sure.

You’re too busy.

So it may just be the real thing. He’s just amazing. He’s definitely sure about the whole situation. And so are you. You’re ready for the next level. Now, stop! Do you actually have the time for it? Of course, this isn’t such a big problem. You can always work around this. But are you ready to take on the challenge? You really need to take some time to assess the whole situation. That’s why you really need to wait awhile.

It really takes a lot to get into a committed situation. But most of the time, people rush into it. After all, everybody wants to be in a committed situation. It’s some kind of security. But there are a lot of challenges that come with it. That’s pretty much the reason why you should really wait awhile.


You Know It’s Time To Move On When …

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heart-broken-time-to-move-onClosure. You want that, right? And that’s the reason why you can’t move on. You’re stalking him online. You’re also probably sending him useless messages. You’re doing everything to catch his attention. Why? All because you want some closure. Well, maybe you just can’t see it. You want closure without knowing you already got it.

He stopped calling.

One day, he just stopped calling. Sure it’s a little abrupt. You’re wondering what happened. What did you do? What did you say? All of a sudden everything changed. And you’re so confused.

It’s valid to feel that way. You’re probably worried if he’s dead or alive. You’re so concerned that you want to ring him up. But wait. If you still see him online, then he’s alive. If he isn’t on America’s Most Wanted, then he’s okay. That’s your closure.

He changed his status online.

You’ve been stalking him online, right? You’re doing everything so he can notice you. You’re changing your profile so he’d notice. You’re yelling out so many weird stuff for him to notice. You’re posting all your sexy selfies so he’d notice. But instead, what does he do? He changes his status to “in a relationship.” And you know that relationship isn’t with you.

You’d have a good chance if he changed his status to “it’s complicated.” You can still keep your fingers crossed. Maybe, he’ll call. But if that’s not the case, it’s time to move on.

He wished you all the best.

You haven’t seen or heard from him in days. Then suddenly, you bump into him. He seems happy to see you. He even tells you how good you look. (Good thing, you’re made up!) The two of get into a conversation. You’re almost there; thinking this is it. Then he says, “Well, it was nice seeing you! You rake care.” Ouch! It’s time to move on.

He introduced you to his girlfriend.

It’s a quiet Saturday morning. You’re hoping he’d call later on. You decide to do some grocery first. Then suddenly you bump into him. Wow! How lucky can you get. He says hi. You say hi. And you’re hoping he’d ask you out again. After all, the two of you have some catching up to do. Then all of a sudden a girl shows up. She comes out from one of the aisles. She stands right beside him. And he says, “Oh, this is my girlfriend.” Well, you’re definitely not getting that date tonight!. But it would be better to head out that door. No doubt, you need to move on.

He Got Married.

Girl, move on … NOW! Obviously, he’s not going to be calling you anymore. And if he does, then he’s a true jerk.

This is one blatant sign that you should just move on. You’re better off without him. Come on! You know that! And don’t go wishing it could have been you. Just consider yourself lucky that it’s not you. You can’t see that now. But you’ll realize it in the long run.

Anyway, just think of it this way. How could he have dated you? At the time when he was about to get married. What kind of guy does that? That really shows the kind of guy he is. (A jerk!) Really now… would you actually like to get stuck with that kind of guy? He isn’t exactly the kind of guy you had in mind. You deserve more than that. Actually, a lot more than that. So cheer up and move on!

Girl, it’s not easy moving on. But at some point, you just have to.