Five Reasons Why You Should Really Wait Awhile

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man-woman-dating-relationshipJanet Jackson was right! You should really wait awhile. But sometimes it’s hard to do. You get too caught up in the heat of the moment. And you forget.

You don’t know him well enough.

It’s so easy to just fall into the trap of attraction. He’s cute and you’re thrilled. You’ve been out a couple of times. You just can’t stop thinking about him. There’s this funny feeling your tummy and you’re always smiling. What’s up with that? Geez, you’re in wonderland.

Okay, girl. Now get back to reality. Here’s a quick question for you. Do you know him well enough? Most likely, you don’t. But then you can always get to know him, right? That’s part of the reason why you want to rush it, right? How can you get to know him if you wait awhile?

That’s not the point. You need to make use of technology. It can really help you get to know him more. There are a lot of online services that can useful for this purpose. For example, you can do a background check to learn more about him. The point is, it wouldn’t hurt to do your homework first.

This doesn’t mean you’ll stalk him online. It just means you need to get to know him more. Call it some kind of background check. But, heck! It wouldn’t hurt. Once you’ve gotten some information about him, it’s your call.

You’re not ready yet.

Be honest with yourself. Are you really ready for it? There are a lot of factors that you need to consider. You can’t say you’re ready at the heat of the moment.

The truth is, no one is ever ready for a relationship. If that were the case, things would be smooth sailing, right? So you can’t say you’re ready at the heat of the moment. It takes awhile to find that out.

You’re not thinking.

Face it, girl! No one is ever thinking at the heat of the moment. So when that time comes, stop! You really need to wait awhile. You really need to T-H-I-N-K!

You’re not too sure.

Who can really be sure? No one is ever too sure about anything. All the more you should really wait awhile! You can’t start anything if you’re not sure. It’ll just be a total waste of time. So validate your feelings. But not just for the moment. Look beyond the moment. Only then can you really be sure.

You’re too busy.

So it may just be the real thing. He’s just amazing. He’s definitely sure about the whole situation. And so are you. You’re ready for the next level. Now, stop! Do you actually have the time for it? Of course, this isn’t such a big problem. You can always work around this. But are you ready to take on the challenge? You really need to take some time to assess the whole situation. That’s why you really need to wait awhile.

It really takes a lot to get into a committed situation. But most of the time, people rush into it. After all, everybody wants to be in a committed situation. It’s some kind of security. But there are a lot of challenges that come with it. That’s pretty much the reason why you should really wait awhile.


Tao Of Badass Brings To Light Important Dating Tips

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the-tao-of-badass-dating-tipsIn my opinion, the Tao of Badass is one of the best guides to use if you would really like to find and date that hot woman you’ve been wanting to have. This guide is authored by Josh Pellicer. Josh Pellicer spills out the secrets of women that have for time immemorial hindered men from being successful in getting the women of their dream. For instance, did you know that a woman’s erotic emotion is positively triggered if you look at her lips when she is talking with you? Or did you know that a woman can reject you right of the bat if you face her directly for a few minutes when having a dialogue with her?

Well, these are some of the few secrets in a woman’s psychology that Josh Pellicer has managed to bring to light, especially when it comes to dating. Pellicer shows in this guide that men can be successful with women if they get to know more about themselves. You need to go through this course if you really want to learn how to be successful with the woman of your dreams.

According to, the Tao of Badass provides an in-depth system through books and videos that will change your perception of women. This all-encompassing guide will equip you with useful and practical ideas and insights on the psychology of women and what they are looking for and expecting from men.

Tao of Badass also has a large base users within its online community so you can get to learn more ideas from other men who have or still using the techniques provided on the guide. More exclusive video tips are also provided within the members area.

This guide helps you learn how to become the complete badass that women fall for. Once equipped with the knowledge from Pellicer’s guide, women will be chasing you instead of you chasing them. This is definitely a dating game changer.

According to The Tao Of Badass Joshua Pellicer, you can practically get any woman you like. However, given that people are different, brought up differently and come from different environments and backgrounds, it may be hard to find the exact qualities and behavior patterns mentioned with all the women out there. Some women who have strong religious beliefs would certainly not go for a complete badass like Josh Pellicer suggests in his book. I also think that there are certain women who feel that they should be respected and not played, which makes it quite difficult for a “badass” guy to become successful with.

According to Pellicer, having self-confidence is one of the most important factors for men to have to be successful in the dating game. A woman certainly would fall for a confident man. When you have self-confidence, it pretty much shows when you talk to women. This is something that women find very attractive.




What Men Think When They’re Out On A Date

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dating-tipsThe whole dating scenario is different for both men and women no doubt! While women try to figure out what to wear and all that, we like to keep it simple. Sure, we’ll put on their best (or at least, one of their best) outfit for the night but inside our head there are only three letters spelled out and these letters are F-U-N.

This doesn’t mean that we’re jerks. The mere fact that we’ve asked a particular girl out means that we have chosen the one that fancies us. That itself is a good starting point for the date.

What’s Inside Our Head

So while the night starts out, men and women don’t think the same at this point. That’s why dating is pretty much a hit and miss.

It’s true that men think very differently on a date. While women may think beyond the first date, we men seize the moment. At least, that’s what I do. By seizing the moment, I am able to get to know my date really well and have some fun at the same time.

Of course, there’s just no doubt that we do try to impress our dates. I mean, that’s why we try to get all the help we can get to understand women. But in all honesty, we have our own thing going in our head. At some point, it would be great if women or, at least, our dates understood whatever was going on in our head.

This article about dating tips is the closest that can get to what we, guys, think about dating.

Please, No Pressure!

Come on, it’s the end of the day and the last thing we need is pressure! We had looked forward to the date. Remember, a guy wouldn’t ask out a woman out if he weren’t interested at all. But that doesn’t mean it’s serious.

We usually know when to follow up a date. Just like any badass guy, we will follow up a date at the end of the evening. We will set the time and date for the next date.

Hence, women should not have to worry about follow ups. That’s out job. If we don’t follow up, then may be it’s a miss.

Our Own Personal Space

There’s a personal space that should never be invaded. I think this works for both men and women. We all have our own personal space and we don’t like it when someone goes beyond the line. This is an important thing for women to know.

Stop The Interrogation

We don’t like answering too many questions. Keep the night light, cool, and fun. There’s a big difference between conversing and interrogating. It’s just a date, so nothing personal.

Too Much Information

There’s just some information that we don’t want to know about, at least not on the first couple of dates. Personal problems can definitely ruin the fun. The night is too short to talk about something so depressing.

While it’s a fact that we, men, do our best to impress our dates, I think it’ll help a lot if women also knew what goes on in our heads … ooops, I meant in our head.